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Unsupported browser version This site requires Java. Unfortunately, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox no longer support Java. Please use a browser that supports Java, such as Internet Explorer or Safari.

Note that you can still access your account from any browser by authentiating with security questions (link below).

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We have detected a problem with your Java software version.

We detect that you are currently using Java [java_version]. You cannot log in to My Account with this version.

Please select one of the following 2 solutions:
  • Update your Java software (recommended).
  • Reduce your Java software's security level. Go to Start > Control Panel > Java > Security (You will need to restart your browser).

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To proceed, you must use Safari and have previously configured the Java module to run on our site.

This configuration will allow you to access files on your desktop to choose your signature file (.epf) required to continue.


  1. Go to the Safari preferences [Menu Safari -> Preferences]
  2. Access the security tab
  3. Under Internet Plug-ins, make sure that the Allow Plug-ins option is checked
  4. Still under Internet Plug-ins click on Website Settings...
  5. Go to the Java section
  6. In the list of allowed websites, choose the option run in unsafe mode for the website. Please note that some MAC OS versions might require that the "ALT" key on your keyboard be held down, so that the desired option appears in the drop down menu.

Note: you must reload the page (cmd-R) after changing this setting

If you have questions, please use the chat tool to discuss with one of our support agents.

Your digital signature certificate does not appear in the list?

Few reasons can explain this:
  • Your certificate is stored in a file. Browse your computer to find it.
  • Your certificate is stored in a physical device like a smart card or a cryptographic token. If so, insert it and refresh the list.